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Proclarity Depth Load Filter – Auto Ships every 4 months

The Proclarity Depth Load Filter is a simple, yet quite advanced filtration process helps to maintain water quality and purity using fewer chemicals and less maintenance than other spas. The ProClarity® Filtration System features two stages: one removes large debris, while the other eliminates smaller particles.
Stage one is the Reemay® pleated filter that removes large debris from your spa water as it is filtered and pulled into the new ProClarity® canister.
Inside that canister is the second stage, a depth load filter that removes the smallest particles under pressure from the circulation pump and then returns it to your spa, polished. The dense depth load filter canister is easier to use as it is simply replaced and never needs cleaning. The long lasting pleated filter should last about 18 months before needing replacement. This two stage filtration gives you the best of blended technology, both old and new.
ProClarity Depth Load Filter Replacement. MUST be replaced every 4 months. Standard on all 2012+ J-400 Collection models.Can be added to 2012+ J-300 Collection Hot Tubs as part of the ProClarity Filtration System.

  • Microfiber media traps the smallest particles deep in the filter core and does not release them, giving you crystal clean water.
  • Best level of filtration available. Cleans finer particles for clearer water
  • Jacuzzi Genuine Part
  • Change after 4 months.
  • Use with Jacuzzi Filter 6473-157


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