SpaGuard Bromine Concentrate - Powerful Bacteria and Virus Killer

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SpaGuard Bromine Concentrate – 2lbs

Bacteria thrive in hot water. To keep spa water protected all of the time, SpaGuard Bromine Concentrate is needed even if the spa is equipped with an ozone system.
Bromine remains effective in a wider range of pH levels than chlorine, and therefore, it can better protect your water from bacteria and viruses. Also, bromine in itself is a strong sanitizer. At a high pH level of 7.8, only about 25% of chlorine is active, but bromine remains efficient. And its byproducts, bromamines (a combined substance), produce their own sanitizing action, making bromine an even more powerful bacteria and virus killer.


  • One step fast dissolving brominating granules
  • Acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer; no need for two products.
  • May be added directly to spa, no predissolving needed

7/26/21:  Currently out of stock of this supply.


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