SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser - No Deep Cleaning Necessary

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SpaGuard Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

Easiest filter cleaner to use yet! Simply spray on the filter, let it soak, then rinse it off. No deep cleaning anymore – and its just as effective!
SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser promotes better filtration and improves water circulation by removing body oils, dirt, grime and scale from all types of hot tub filters. This lengthens filter cycles and reduces chemical maintenance costs.
Filter Cleaner Features:

  • Removes oils, dirt, scale and grime from hot tub filters
  • Improves filtration for cleaner water and better circulation
  • Lengthens filter cycles
  • Reduces chemical costs

Size: 1 qt.


Prelude Prelude Version 2.3.2