Advice for New Homeowners with a Spa – Hot Tub Repair Service Bend

July 20th, 2017

“Moving into a new home is exciting. It’s even more exciting if the home has a hot tub,” said Sue Rogers, president of AllSpa. Most new homeowners are eager to start soaking, but the service experts at AllSpa say there are at least 5 things people should consider doing before they start enjoying that hot tub.

Get new filters – Filters are the hardest working part of a hot tub. Investing in a new set of filters right away is one of the easiest ways to start your soaking experience in clean water.
Do a complete flush – One of the best things people can do is flush the spa. Silk Balance makes a terrific product called Clean Start. When added to the hot tub water, it will strip any biofilm out of the hot tub plumbing and parts, and sanitize the whole system at the same time.
Get a hot tub tune up – AllSpa will send one of their licensed technicians to go through the entire unit and make sure things are in excellent working condition.
Get a new hot tub cover – Most of the time a hot tub inherited in a home purchase hasn’t had its hot tub cover changed in quite some time. If a new cover is needed, be sure to get one that fits properly and helps with energy efficiency.
Get good advice on water care – Homeowners should be careful about dumping “stuff” into their hot tub that they may not need! Ask your hot tub service professional to avoid using a lot of the “old school” chemicals.
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