Clean Your Filters for Healthy Spa Water, Hot Tub Repair Service Bend

July 20th, 2017

Filters are designed to keep hot tub and swim spa water clean and free of bacteria, body oils and other organisms introduced by bodies during a soak or swim. There’s only so much, however, that a filter can do without your help.
Do the following to keep your water healthy and clean for hot tub & swim spa use:

Clean Filters Thoroughly at Least Once a Month
Rinsing with a garden hose is not enough! Filters must be cleaned with a degreasing agent. The filter cleaner that we sell is formulated to do the best job on hot tub and swim spa filters.
Rinse Filters
Rinse filters in-between cleanings or after using your hot tub or swim spa when the bather load is high.
Extra bodies equals more “stuff” entering your tub or swim spa. Rinsing helps keep your water cleaner longer, and ensures nothing clogs the filters that can interrupt filtration & heating functions.
Keep Your Water Balanced
Balanced water is important for effective filtration. When water is out of balance, hardness or other water care products can precipitate out of the water and coat filter sleeves, inhibiting their filtering ability.
Consider Replacing Regular Filters with Tri-X Filters If You Have a Hot Spring Spa
Tri-X is exclusive filter technology only available to Hot Spring Spa owners. Made of a dense filter media, these filters more than double the filtration of your hot tub, and last 4 years minimum!
If you’re just too busy to do all of this…why not take advantage of our Signature Spa Care?
Our team can tackle the job, get your tub refilled and your water balanced and ready for your enjoyment. It’s a nice treat and you’ll be thrilled with the results!
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