Timely Tips for Crystal Clear Spa Water, Hot Tub Service Beaverton

July 20th, 2017

Soaking in a hot tub is one of the best things you can do to relax, reduce stress and share quiet time with loved ones. Here we offer up four tips to help make sure your water is always crystal clear when you head out for that soak.
Be a good hot tub steward: keep you water sanitized! If you have an ACE Salt Water System, the terrific news is the system, set properly for your soaking habits, will do the job for you. If you run your tub on chlorine, you need to add at least half an ounce after each use and shock once a week.
Test Your Water
Sanitizer doesn’t have a chance to kill what it needs to if you don’t keep your water balanced. Testing your water weekly is key. Your alkalinity and pH levels need to be in the correct range. If your pH is low, it will eat up your residual sanitizer in no time and cloudy smelly water will soon pay you a visit.
Clean Your Filters
Filters can only do their optimal job cleaning and capturing refuse if they are clean. Clean your filters monthly with a good filter cleaner and remember filters do not last for life! Regular filters should be changed every 2-3 years, and Tri-X filters should be changed every -5 years.
Replace Your Silver Ion Cartridge
Silver helps neutralize bacteria. If you use a silver cartridge in your tub as part of the system for sanitizing, remember that it only lasts about four months, regardless of how often you use the tub. How old is your sliver cartridge? If you need a new one, just give us a call.
If you’re just too busy to do all of this…why not take advantage of our Signature Spa Care?
Our team can tackle the job, get your tub refilled and your water balanced and ready for your enjoyment. It’s a nice treat and you’ll be thrilled with the results!
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