Spa Owners Beware – Hot Tub Repair Service Tigard

August 30th, 2017

If you’re the owner of a hot tub or swim spa, you probably spent a lot of time researching brands, talking to friends and reading reviews before you decided to invest your hard-earned money.To help you in the water care selection process, here are three things you should always avoid:

Buying off Brand Chemicals from a “Big Box” Store
Big box stores may offer hot tub owners the discount shopping they’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, cheaper isn’t always better. Plus, with one salesperson handling a variety of products – fertilizer, lumber, light bulbs, etc., expertise with spa supplies is far from guaranteed
Using Pool Chlorine for Your Hot Tub
Chlorine for hot tubs and swimming pools are not the same product! Pool chlorine is the wrong mix for a hot tub. The active ingredient is typically sodium hypochlorite, which is not good for hot tubs! Hot tub chlorine should always be 99% sodium dichlor – the right mix of chlorine to kill all bacteria in 100-plus degree water.
Mixing Multiple Brands of Water Care Products
Using multiple brands for your hot tub that have different combinations of chlorine, shock and pH stability only creates additional water quality problems and more work keeping your water balanced.
Trying Something “New”
Some hot tub dealers will try and sell you something based on the brand of hot tub they sell, or a promotion or contest from a chemical company. Water care is the most important part of keeping your hot tub in good shape for the long haul. Don’t suddenly try something odd or new that could create new issues for you down the road!
AllSpa’s core product line for hot tubs is SpaGuard
This line of products, made by BioGuard, has a lengthy history in the pool & hot tub world – over 40 years! Not only do we know their products will perform well in your hot tub and do what they need to do, they also won’t cause any adverse side effects. And, all their products work together harmoniously to keep your hot tub water safe and crystal clear.
If you’re just too busy to do all of this…why not take advantage of our Signature Spa Care?
Our team can tackle the job, get your tub refilled and your water balanced and ready for your enjoyment. It’s a nice treat and you’ll be thrilled with the results!
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