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How To Get Get Silky Smooth Spa Water

Do you notice that your skin feels filmy or excessively dry after taking a dip in your hot tub? If so, it could be your water! Clean and silky-smooth hot tub water is easier to achieve and maintain than you think (and your skin will thank you!)

With just a few simple steps, you can change your hot tub water from irritating to moisturizing for skin that glows.

Here’s how to prepare your spa for use with SilkBalance:

When adding chemicals to your spa, wait at least 5 minutes between adding each kind of chemical. Be sure to leave your jets on to allow chemicals to fully mix in.


Check your water chemistry for the following chemical levels:

  • Alkalinity: Your spa’s alkalinity should measure 80-120ppm. 
  • pH: Your pH levels should be 7.2-7.6.
  • Check your water hardness: set total water hardness to 180-250ppm. Please note that reccomended water hardness level will be different in a salt water hot tub.
  • Chlorine: Ideal chlorine levels are 3-5ppm.

Adding SilkBalance:


Maintaining Your Spa With SilkBalance Products

  • Drain & Refill: purge your spa every four to six months using SilkBalance Clean Start. How often you purge your spa will vary based on the size of your spa, how often it is used, & how many people typically use it.
Need to Adjust Your Spa’s Chemical Levels?
Find essentials like test strips, alkalinity increaser & chlorine here!