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Is Your Spa’s Ozonator Working? + Ozonator Troubleshooting

Found in newer model spas, ozonators keep water clean & fresh feeling while minimizing the amount of chemicals needed for water health. A working ozonator produces a consistent stream of bubbles that is noticeable from the water’ s surface. Have an ozonator but don’t see any bubbles? Watch the video below or read on to

How To Get Get Silky Smooth Spa Water

Do you notice that your skin feels filmy or excessively dry after taking a dip in your hot tub? If so, it could be your water! Clean and silky-smooth hot tub water is easier to achieve and maintain than you think (and your skin will thank you!) With just a few simple steps, you can change


Hot Tub Water Care Basics

Whether you are new hot tub owner or looking to brush up on your spa care knowledge, here’s a helpful guide to how to balance & maintain your spa water.

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How To Clean Your Spa Cover

Keeping your spa clean is important to increasing its lifespan and promising clean, hot water for you and your family. We show you how to keep your cover clear of debris and protected from the elements.

Hot Tub Winterization Tips

Hot Tub Winterization Tips

The winter weather has hit and for some of us – earlier than we expected. Make sure your hot tub is in top condition to “weather” the weather.

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Keep Your Sauna in Tip Top Shape

While there’s not much to do to take care of your sauna, there are some things to do to keep your sauna in great shape for years to come.

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Get Your Spa Ready For Fall

Fall is here! While some think it’s time to shut down the hot tub, we think it’s the best time to use it! Here’s some advice on getting your tub ready for the long nights ahead.

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Spa Owners Beware!

Own a hot tub or swim spa? Here are a few tips to help in the water care selection process including a few things you should always avoid.

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We Have A New Online Store!

AllSpa, the area’s largest and most trusted hot tub, swim spa and sauna repair company serving Oregon and Washington is pleased to announce their new online store for supplies, parts and accessories.

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How To Get Healthy Spa Water

Hooray, it’s summer! If you’re one of those people getting ready to ramp up your hot tub use, here are five important things to remember to keep your hot tub water healthy for soaking:

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Clean Your Filters for Healthy Hot Tub Water

Filters are designed to keep hot tub and swim spa water clean and free of bacteria, body oils and other organisms introduced by bodies during a soak or swim. Do the following to keep your water healthy and clean for hot tub & swim spa use.